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Title: My Time (Dean Rush)
Post by: Dean And Seth Moxley on February 14, 2017, 04:14:23 PM
Dean is ready for the rumble, and has been training really hard to get back in shape. He takes a deep breath, and looks right at the camera as he gets talking.

Dean Rush: It don't matter about who enters the rumble I will show them all that I don't have any ring rust on me, and I am in the best shape of my career as it is time to show everyone in the locker room that I am better then ever. I will become the main champion one way or another, and no one is safe as they will go flying over the top rope one by one cause I am the very best as it is time to prove it. I am ready for this, and they will see a different side to me that they never saw before so anyone who steps up to me will be gone out of the rumble cause no one can stop me.

He smirks, and talks again.

Dean Rush: This will be my time to shine, and no one will stand in my way so whoever you are prepare to go over the top rope as I will be the  last one standing when the night is over see you guys out there.

Dean goes back to training, and there is something different about him as he is very focused and that could be dangerous when he enters the rumble.