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Title: stats
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24th January 1986



Surrey, England

Entrance Theme
Wait and Bleed - Slipknot

Finishing Move
Aneurysm (Downward Spiral)

Trademark Moves
Fall Away Slam

Wrestling Style

Pro Debut

Skull's background is much different from the average professional wrestler. Born - Elliot Caspian (known as "Ell", or simply "L" by close family and friends), he didn't come from a poverty stricken childhood, abusive parents, nor mental trauma. In fact, he was quite the opposite. His father, Alexander "Tiger" Caspian was a wealthy business tycoon, having built his wealth from the growing real estate industry in England's late 1980's and 1990's. As a child he resided with his parents in their family mansion in the outskirts of Surrey, England, a rather grand elegance known till this date as the Caspian Manor. It was here that the growing Elliot Caspian, grew distant from his parents, not agreeing with the greedy ways of his father and his "high society" company. He wanted to do something different, he didn't want to join his father, but rather he wanted to be a professional wrestler. A decision, his family did not approve of. Regardless, after years of training, "L" finally became a wrestler - taking on the persona of "Skull", but since his parent's recent death, he also handles the inherited family business. He resides in a multi-million dollar pent-house in the much hyped building known as "The Shard" in London, but also frequently visits the Caspian Manor when he gets extended time off from his wrestling schedule. In the wrestling world, Skull is a feared foe, a decorated veteran, even though he is only 27 years of age.

IWE International Champion
uWe World Heavyweight Champion
uWe Tag Team Champion x2

Favorite Weapon(s)
Steel Chair

Favorite Match(s)
Cage Match


Ring Attire: Black wrestling trunks with the word "Skull" in different colors on the back.