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Title: The Revolution of Anarchy
Post by: The SEF Network on October 08, 2017, 05:12:18 PM

(From an undisclosed location comes the SEF Revolution Champion standing next to a soda machine in a hallway somewhere dressed in old blue jeans and a white t-shirt with the title hanging over his left shoulder. Cliff O Clink leaning into the front of the soda machine with his right shoulder looking almost a bit cocky, but that crazy mind of his spinning as usual.)

"Finally we get a chance to wrestle in front of the world, although its not the biggest production, yours truly is in the main event, so The CoC is pretty excited about that. I can't wait to get in that ring and bust some heads, but nonetheless, this will be a challenge considering the man I am facing is the Titan Champion, or TTT Champion, whatever you want to call it, Total Ti Tanium, I don't know!?!?!"

(Cliff shrugging as he pushes himself off the machine, then slaps the title still hanging on his right shoulder with a smile.)

"Jordan Brooks, you are a Titan of SEF brother, and I look forward to this main event match where we will fight one on one to determine the better man. I am not kissing your ass and bowing down to show some false sense of respect, naw man, I just got respect for you even though we have not crossed paths much at all, if ever. I do know that I want to face you, a former World Champion, a guy who has done it all in SEF, been on top dancing with the elite stars of SEF, so for me to get in there with you raises my stock. And beating you, well that would no doubt raise it even more, so I am coming for you Jordan Brooks, I am looking for a big win, maybe my biggest win ever, then again I did beat The Showsteala to win this Revolution Championship hanging off my shoulder, you know, the guy who beat you to win this belt. But hey man, we will see who wins cause I am not going in with the mindset to lose and I would expect no less of you, however, I don't know what is going to happen when we finally clash in the middle of that ring except that it will be every bit of the main event it is intended to be. We will have to wait and see what happens and I will see you in that ring on Friday Night Anarchy."

(Cliff banging on the soda machine and a can falls to the opening where the CoC reaches down to grab it. He cracks the can and takes a swig before walking forward to move out of the way of the machine, then fade to black.)