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Title: Midwest Warriors are back
Post by: Simon Lee Nash on October 12, 2017, 01:35:03 AM
Back in the day of the SEF the Midweast Warriors Matt Ward and Simon Lee Nash became quite the duel and tag team. with some pretty good success and was able enough to develop a friendship with some of the SEF icons in the business the Showsteala and Taylor Andrews.

However times has changed. The Anarchy show is now the new home and they are put back together for one night only thanks to the General Manager of the show Carlos Mitchell.

Simon: Man who ever would have thought that you and i would be back together and about to get back into the ring to face off against. in a three team tag team fight with Lexi Callaway with Kristen Fox and Phoenix Winterborn and Drew Steveson.

Simon looks at Matt Ward

Simon: I know what you are thinking brother.

Simon: How is this fair at all. Well here is the think.

Simon: We both know Lexi Callaway from a long time but you had some kinda of romantic thing for her if i remember once in the past.

Matt: Dude shut up man.

Simon: What the hell it is true.

Simon: Anyway, Kristen Fox? She wasn't a wrestler. As a matter of fact according to Carlos. She didn't amount to anything during her time in SEF.

Matt Nods in agreement.

Simon: Now phoenix won some championships and he beat me for the right to be the SEF champion. I still haven't gotten over that shit at all. and Drew Steveson. Look i will say this. I face him maybe once or twice and that was really it. He took his ball and ran home to mommy.

Simon: Now tonight here we are man. You, Me and your new girl Heather Jackson, We will be walking down the ramp again. This time in Anarchy of War. seems like it's justice.

Matt: Seems like everybody else will be in for a very long night.

Matt: You see what we are about to do is show the wrestling world that we are back. Now i don't know if this is going to be a one off and that is that or a start of a more meaningful team. Like the old days. We are more older and wiser in the past and i promise you all this is still the great Midwest Warriors that you have known and love. We are about to make history people.

Simon: History my brother, We are about to set this off again. You see we have been waiting for the right moment to strike again in the wrestling world. Now i know our lives have changed and we are not as active as we used too. But i will promise you this. There will be no ring rust on either one of us.

Simon: When this is all said and done tonight. You will see the Midwest Warriors walking out with a victory one more time. Get ready people The Warriors are back and we are coming to play.