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Title: Jade Wants Comeption.
Post by: JadeWest on November 12, 2017, 08:49:04 PM
jade shown roaming round the halls drinking a cold beer playing with her sissors looks in a mirror seeing if she looks all right she then begin to talk

jade i dont fear anyone anyone got a challange for me so far im undefeated so come try your best shot im the devil princess im from the underground i dont fear anything,so come on give me your beat shot losers i dont fear anyone.

somebody comes by and talks

Title: Re: Jade Wants Comeption.
Post by: The SEF Network on November 23, 2017, 03:01:28 PM

(And that somebody is none other than the Golden Gal herself, although her raven dark hair makes her appear a bit more dark these days, her bright eyes remind us of why she was called the Golden Gal by her peers, why she was deemed the Golden Chosen One by Whitney Marret. Lil miss Tina strutting around newcomer Jade West like a stalker while wearing her ring gear. Tina playing with her dark hair in her fingers as she now stands in front of Jade to smirk deviously, licking her lips, then she says.)

"Are you going to cut me with those scissors, honey?!?"

(Jade keeps playing with her scissors as she smirks a bit now and drinks her beer, so Tina says.)

"I don't mind getting cut, bleeding out from my body. Its a thrill for me sweetheart, I too love getting extreme, feeling that hardcore sensation of abusing my own body to make my opponent feel even more abused by picking up another weapon, or two, or however many it takes!!"

(Tina getting close to Jade, close enough to lick the rim of her beer and takes a sip, then says with that same smirk.)

"You want competition Jade, then look no further because as of now I am a free agent and I will be on Anarchy to face you anytime you desire. If I have to I will go to Carlos Mitchell and let him know what to do, unless of course you want to do something right now!?"

(Tina crossing her arms loosely over her chest and gets an almost pouty look on her face. The raven haired Golden Gal falling backwards to lean against the wall staring across at Jade who just smirks and sips her beer while still twirling her scissors.)
Title: Re: Jade Wants Comeption.
Post by: JadeWest on November 23, 2017, 09:29:52 PM
jade west hmm do something right now what do you got in mind iam up for anything i think we both free agents we can go almost anywhere do anything im fearless il even harm my own hair

Jade west i love doing more then anyone expects of me you know love harmin myslf and harming others,these sissors are like my own family so waht you got in mind

she looks in her bag of tricks,hand her a beer and begin to talk

jade west want a beer,n wait
Title: Re: Jade Wants Comeption.
Post by: The SEF Network on November 24, 2017, 12:22:00 AM
(Tina pushes herself off the wall to snatch the beer and pop the top chugging it back in one drink. The Golden Gal tossing the empty away to say.)

"I have always been free to go where I want to go, but the only question is, how far are you willing to go to get what you want!?"

(Tina smirking lusciously as she grabs another beer and takes the scissors to punch a hole in the bottom of the can, then quickly sucks the beer from the hole as she pops the top and chugs that one down. Tina tossing the can away and hands the scissors back to Jade before she struts off looking for something better to do, looking for some fun!)
Title: Re: Jade Wants Comeption.
Post by: JadeWest on November 24, 2017, 12:39:06 AM
Jade thinks about it and runs off to find tina hoping she does she then does and she then begin to talk.

jade hey where ru going im here to have some fun as well dont run off just now look im new here but im nothing new to pushing the limits i been doing that all my life,

jade if you want have some fun im the right person to talk to, what kind fun you have in mind

she wait