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Title: Jade Talks to Managment
Post by: JadeWest on November 14, 2017, 11:22:25 PM
jade west shown in managment office {ooc she using Liz Gillie face} she swinging her sissors with her fingers she then begin to talk.

jade west the devil pray has brought me here i tend to stay undefeated no matter what who knows i may surpase undertaker mania streak or goldberg wcw streak or askua nxt streak but let me say im full of surprises.

jade west i also got friends i may bring here then the entire world as you know it will change im full of change i m never going loose here but who knows i dont fear im not scared of anything,i never will be i make people afraid of me

she stay quiet for while she looks around and begin to talk.

jade west i want be in the extrme of the extreme i want risk everything,i dont care i love sacerfcing everything,long as it extreme i get paid who cares sound insaine enough to you already

she wait
Title: Re: Jade Talks to Managment
Post by: The SEF Network on November 24, 2017, 12:37:58 AM

(The SEF Owner looks up from his desk appearing all business as he lays the phone down.)

Mr Bear
"Jade West, sorry for making you wait and I heard you loud and clear, so first off, I would like to tell you that you have my blessing to bring anyone to SEF, I would love to see more action. Second, I want you to be happy and if that means putting you in extreme matches, then I guarantee you will get extreme on WAR. Third, and this is totally up to you Jade, because if you want a undefeated streak, then you are going to have beat the best. Come next year when WAR is relaunched, you will get the opportunity to face the best SEF has to offer. So again, sorry to have to make you wait, but WAR is definitely returning and you will get your chance to be extreme in the new year, five or six weeks away I think it is!?! Is there anything else you need?"

(Mr Bear looking down to his phone after it beeps and reaches to light up the scree, but ignores whatever he sees to wait for Jade West, to see if she has more business for the boss.)
Title: Re: Jade Talks to Managment
Post by: JadeWest on November 24, 2017, 02:20:18 AM
jade west war coming back next year im looking foreward to it i love extreme matches,il go as far as i could go i want show the world im not afraid of anything i can bring out the best excitment out of anyone,

jade west i really apperciate this,i want people watch my matches again and again i want be as extrme as i can be,you know risk it all do whatever you want long as your enjoying yourself u know,i m known to go as far as anyone expect me to be.

she takes deep breath thinks for while and begin to talk again.

jade west love being a sacerficing kind of person.

she wait patiently.