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Title: I'm Back! I'm not going anywhere!
Post by: SEF_ChrisOrton on December 02, 2017, 08:25:51 PM
Unknown rock music started playing SEF fans wondering what going on suddenly coming out from the curtain is SEF legend who need no introduction Chris Orton. He receive massive pop reaction starts making his way down the ramp slides in the ring gets up smiles hearing SEF fans going nuts and cheering for him. He ask for a microphone makes his way to middle of the ring started speaking

I'm Back! I'm not going anywhere! I guess you are wondering why now come back, and you also want to know where I been? Well, I been pretty busy past few years going somewhere else continue to build my fan base, and I have done that it's going every single day. Why now to come back SEF needs some boost get this company into minds of every wrestling fan around the world.

Chris Orton stop talking then speaks again.

I been hearing SEF is going to shut down no one seems to be interested in the company anymore, so I decided to make a call to SEF headquarters saying I'm coming back to help make sure this company doesn't close down. I don't know what to expect or where will I end up but trust me when I say this newcomers, old faces, or assholes in that locker room. Chris Orton is back ready to kick ass put down everyone who gets in my way soon or later I will become number one SEF superstar in this company that all I got to say!

Chris Orton lowers his microphone suddenly....