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Title: Jade Talks To Mr Bear
Post by: JadeWest on December 05, 2017, 09:32:49 PM
ade west shown walking in to mr bear office,she want do something daring in her next match,she looks around and then looks straight to him and begin to talk.

Jade West.hey mr bear  whats up i hear the next card coming up soon and from what i hear nobody believes how daring iam,im able to do anything,

she smokes her hookah for while and she then begin to talk.

Jade West i love doing extreme stuff i love being total extreme,im a risk taker,without even a second thought mr bear

she rest for while and begin to talk.

jade west i want to shock the entire crowd who never know what im going to do next bring up some ratings you know.its the devil way i want show tina n mack how far im willing to go i need inpress my team without a moment care sound good.

Jade west got any ideas

she run her hand through her hair n wait