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Title: Jade vs Chris Orton
Post by: JadeWest on January 08, 2018, 08:27:21 PM
jade west shown walking to the ring with her 2 hooded friends look as tall as she is,she looks around the ring looking evil as possibell and she then begin to talk.

jade my match tonight is another match and another chance for me to totally anniliate somebody who is differnet from me

jade west chris orton i saw your return weeks ago it was awesome you really know what you are talking about you are loyal cocky and confidinate,

jade west but right now your time is up the devil has made this match and im going to do what ever the devil want i worship the ground the devil walks on il do anything the evil man wants i will prove myself again and again and again,

jade west looks around catches her breath and begin to talk again.

jade west i plan to go all the way in this match like it or not your time here chris orton is done cause im going take you to a place you never been before i dont care what your plans are i dont care about anyone or anything neither does my own personal devil worshiprs

jade west tonight they going witness another one of my devil evil victories and it going lead me to greatness so get down to the ring and let's get this match going right here and now

she wait for reply tbc by chris orton