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Title: WAR 184
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Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

Mayhem by Halestorm plays over as the show opens up inside the Rebel Coliseum down in Jackson, Mississippi. From ringside we hear that familiar voice ready and eager to call the show.

"Hello everyone and welcome back to Wednesday Night WAR right here on the SEF Network, the only place to watch WAR as well as our bi weekly Friday night show, Anarchy. Tonight is WAR though and we are in week two of our big return to broadcasting WAR every Wednesday. The action tonight is looking to keep up with last week as we got the returning Destruction in a tag team match, plus a Revolution Title match and more. Nick Torres returns tonight and I spoke with him and he only had to say that he would be here to address his former partner, Troy Storms. Last year at Wrestle X, Storms cost him and Torres the Tag Titles, so I am sure Nick Torres has something to get off his chest. As if that wasn't enough, our main event is going to feature the Network Title on the line, so The Showsteala will be in action most likely since he is the champ, but against who, I do not know."

Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple plays over the pa and out walks Rick Reynolds in his thousand dollar suit as usual with a pair of expensive sunglasses shading his eyes and that bleached blonde hair hanging down his shoulders. Thor in a sweatshirt over his singlet with the hood up covering most of his face while Bill Roberts is with them sporting his ring tights and black tee reading The Triad in gold letters. They saunter on down to the ring with Bill flipping his bleach blonde hair around arrogantly as Nick Miller says.

"Well, it seems we may be getting down to some business on tonight's main event because last week Reynolds called out Ruemash to a World Title match last week only to have Roberts join him and lay out Ruemash with a superkick. Should be interesting to see what these men have to say and who may have a problem with what they say!?!?"

Bill Roberts rolling in the ring first as Reynolds and Thor take their time stepping in. Bill with a microphone first and the Triad members let him say what he has to say.

"Last week we did what had to be done, but none of you saw it coming. It was a long time in the making though, it needed to happen and now what needs happen is The Triad gets a World Title shot. Ruemash nodded okay last week to Rick's challenge, so as far as I am concerned, that match needs to be on tonight's card and we are not moving until it is because The Triad is taking the SEF World Championship home tonight!!"

Bill hands the mic to Rick and backs up to a corner leaning their looking bitter, but focused on doing what he just said. The crowd booing as Rick looks around and nods okay to Bill, then says with a slick grin.

"We shocked the world last week when The Triad reformed in its best form to date. Ruemash, you are family, my brother, but you are on your own because that is what you want. When you ran with The Triad, we dominated, we ran SEF our way, but you were not the man you are now, or the man that Bill Roberts is now. Bill Roberts could and should be SEF World Champ right now making this version of The Triad all World Champions where as when Ruemash was with us, he was not World Champion material. So as for tonight, its only a matter of making this World Title match between you and I official before I officially take that tile from you. So what is it going to be Ruemash, are you man enough to put that title up against me, right here, right now, tonight on WAR?!"

The crowd roaring in approval of the match, but jeering Rick for his egotistical comments. Rick just letting it soak in as if he is being praised and adorned, then lifts the mic to say.

"Maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself because after all, WAR may already be booked solid tonight and if you want, we can save this match for pay per view, I would prefer it that way as I do not enjoy working for free in front of these morons!"

Rick looking out at the crowd who boos the Natural Sinner like they despise him, which they probably do. Rick just laughing and says.

"It really makes no difference at the moment because I want the SEF World Title around my waist right now, so bring it out here, so I can beat you for that title, unless you are scared of being humiliated yet again by your older brother!? Remember growing up together, all the beatings I gave you, and then we made it big in SEF and I rose above you, I held that title before you, more times than you, and I wore it far better than you ever could, so get out here and do what you should have done last week, hand it over to me, NOW!"

Rick looking a bit impatient and the crowd booing him still as Thor pats him on the back and whispers in his ear to keep him calm. For The Fight by Butcher Babies plays over the pa and here comes Ruemash in his ring gear with the title in hand and he is in a hurry to get to that ring. The Triad on guard and Ruemash stopping to look in at all three men, especially Bill Roberts who hangs in the corner, but is focused on the champ. Ruemash sees it and looks to his title, slings it over his shoulder with a slight grin, then he hops up to the apron and steps in calmly. The champ getting his own microphone and stands in front of Rick to say.

"First of all...NO! This title will never be handed to anyone as long as it remain mine to wear, so no, I will never hand it to you. I will make you earn it in a match anytime you want it, tonight, pay per view, I don't care if its on Anarchy, I will be there!!"

The crowd cheering loud for the champ who is all fired up.

"Second, The Triad may have changed its guard, but make no mistake, and I know you know this cause Thor told me, nothing tops the original. But hey, Bill Roberts, you and I have history, it is no secret, we go back fifteen years in SEF when we were both jerking the curtain. Now here we stand, a World Champ and bonafide World Title contender, so anytime you want a shot at me, you got it as well cause I always looked to you like I looked to Thor and Rick, as my brothers. Hell, we been Tag Champions together and we were tag team of the year, but I get it cause I been there Bill. I know what you are doing and I am in this fight for the long haul. Fifteen years and I have never left SEF, nor have you, so let's do it, let's fight, let's do this For The Fight!!"

Ruemash dropping his mic and title to rush Rick and Thor with a double clothesline taking both men down, but off the ropes comes Bill Roberts with the Whack Off knocking the champ down. Bill all over Ruemash with punches as Thor gets to his feet helping Rick up. The Natural Sinner livid as he pulls his jacket and shirt off before rushing over to kick at Ruemash. Best of You by Foo Fighters plays over the pa now and here comes The Showsteala dashing down into the ring tackling Rick to the mat. Thor kicking The Showsteala in his head and mounts him with punches as Rick recovers to help keep both men down with kicks. Scream by Avenged Sevenfold plays over the pa bringing out Jordan Brooks in a mad haul to slide in the ring and catch Rick with a clothesline sending him over the top rope. Jordan clobbering Thor across his back and The Showsteala gets up to snap off Da Shows Ova to the big man sending him into BAD from Jordan. The Showsteala getting hammered with punches from Bill, but fires back with his own and Jordan gets up to clobber him across the back looking to set up for a repeat of what happened to Thor. Bill mule kicks Jordan in the crotch, then ducks down and out of the ring and with Rick's help they drag Thor out to back up the ramp in retreat. The Showsteala jumping on the ropes doing crotch chops and bounces around acting like he just getting warmed up while Jordan helps Ruemash to his feet, then Push It To The Limit plays over the pa bringing the SEF Owner out on the stage with a microphone in hand. Mr Bear sporting his usual black and white tuxedo and stoic expression as he says.

"Ok, well it seems like everyone wants a World Title shot, so since the Network World Title is our main event of the night, then The Showsteala will defend that title when he teams with Jordan Brooks and Ruemash in a six man tag team match against The Triad and whoever makes the winning fall will win the title regardless of whether the champ is in the ring, or not."

Push It To The Limit plays again as Mr Bear turns to leave while the crowd cheer for that match and The Showsteala just waves them on yelling out...

"BRING 'EM ON!!!!"

He dances around shadow boxing, then slaps hands with Ruemash and Jordan having a few laughs at his own expense while Nick Miller says.

"Surprised Ruemash remained as calm as he did after what happened last week, but nice to hear what the champ had to say in response to The Triad. Nice to see The Showsteala and Jordan Brooks coming to his aid after he got overwhelmed by all three Triad members. Ruemash did strike first, but hard to blame him since The Triad technically struck first last week. Anyways, we got that big six man tag team match with The Triad facing Ruemash, Jordan Brooks, and The Showsteala with The Network World Title on the line and the champ don't have to be involved in the winning fall. That is our main event and what a doozy, however, we open the show with some action in the Revolution Title division with the champ defending against his attacker last week, Steve White, someone who seems intent on getting more than he has so far in SEF."

Opening Match
Revolution Championship Match
Steve White v. Barry(c)

Winner and NEW Revolution Champion via Pinfall:
Steve White @ 13 Minutes 46 Seconds

Cliff O Clink assaults Steve after the match declaring he wants his rematch next week, so he goes to the back in search of someone who can make that happen while Nick Miller says.

"Looks like we have a new Revolution Champion, but former champ Cliff O Clink wants the gold back and let Steve White know it with a full frontal assault. Wonder how this will work with a new contender to the title being named later tonight, plus Barry should have a rematch as well?!? I suppose we will find out next week or maybe Mr Bear will have a update for us tonight?"

Walk by Pantera plays over the pa signaling the return of a legend prompting Nick Miller to say.

"Oh yea, sounds like its time to hear from Nick Torres. This should be good."

And out walks the man himself, Nick f'n Torres, dressed in black as always, jeans and a tee with them cheap, black sunglasses and a pair of boots looking like he ain't missed a beat as he kinda glides down the ramp like the same ol' cool cat we know. The Westsiders Edge stepping into the ring after getting a microphone and looks around, circling around the ring to look out over the crowd, then grins a bit before lifting the mic to his mouth.

"Troy Storms, you and I got some business to take care of big man, so why don't you save the masquerade and just come out here now because if you play me, I will get a little bit upset, maybe even mad, perhaps I will become angry!?!"

Nick grinning like he be teasing and maybe he is, but maybe he is a bit upset with a old friend turning on him!?

"Its doesn't even matter that it was a move that cost us the Tag Team Titles cause the new champs are a great team to carry the belts. Won't even say anything about it happening at Wrestle X cause hey, that doesn't even matter. What matters Troy, is that it happened."

Nick Torres dead serious now and no grin as he says.

"You turned on a brother, so now you and I will finish this in this ring, one day, tonight would be my choice, but I will wait as long as you make me and everyone else wait for your big ass to step in here with me, one on one. It will happen, which is why I say to get out here and save the masquerade for someone it will work on. C'mon Troy, I can forgive you brother, especially if you come out here right now."

Deal With The Devil by Pop Evil plays over the pa bringing out Johnny Rotten in his ring gear taking selfies with his phone. He has a microphone as well, but takes a few selfies making us wait to hear why he is out here, so Nick Torres says.

"Hey kid, go pick another moment to crash cause this one ain't gonna work out for ya!"

Johnny ignoring Torres who just waits for a few more selfies before the Rotten one lifts his mic up.

"Maybe you should consider picking a new line of work, old man. Maybe that it is why your buddy turned on you, because he was sick of carrying the team?!?"

The crowd booing Johnny as Torres gets a chuckles out of this. Johnny not listening to any of it and just continues on.

"There is no time to rehash the past, only time is for me to get the spotlight I deserve, so move aside Nick, or I will kick you aside."

Nick Torres says.

"Then come on down and do it, kick me aside and take my spot, come on kid, I am just some old man!"

Johnny nods ok and drops the mic to walk on down and take a few selfies before laying his phone on a ring step and disrobing his vest. He slides in the ring to walk on up to Torres and slap him in the face to start this match.

Mid Card Bout
Singles Match
Johnny Rotten v. Nick Torres

Winner via Pinfall:
Nick Torres @ 21 minutes 57 Seconds

Walk by Pantera plays over the pa as Nick Torres gets up lifting his arms in victory, but looks like he wrestled a worthy opponent. Torres nodding to Johnny who rolls from the ring and retreats to the back as Nick Miller says.

"Hell of an effort from Johnny in that match as he faced a former World Champ and one of the top five guys in the company and held in there for over twenty minutes. He even had Torres reeling from that Rotten Revenge superkick of his with a close near fall. Torres showed us why he is still up for any challenge, but whether or not he will get him some of Troy Storms remains to be seen. Coming up next we got the returning Destruction in action against Priceless Paine."

Mid Card Bout
Tag Team Match
Priceless Paine v. Destruction

Winners via DQ:
Destruction @ 18 Minutes 34 Seconds

Jay and Mesa attacking Destruction to cause the DQ and continue to assault the monsters of mayhem not letting them breathe. Jason and Chris appearing a bit offended that they got cost the match decide to take it out on Jay and Mesa sending the duo out of the ring, then turn to send Destruction out of the ring and stand tall as Nick Miller says.

"Things are getting a bit out of control in the tag team division since Destruction returned last week. Mr Bear may have a problem on his hands and I sure wouldn't want Destruction to be my problem, of course I wouldn't want to deal with any of them, but that's me. I'm just here to lend my voice, but I got word Frank Malone is looking for Mr bear right now, so let's go backstage to catch up with him."

The SEFTRON lighting up to show Frank Malone marching down the hall to find the SEF owner, when he nearly bumps into Mr Bear. Frank apologetic and says.

"Sir, Mr Bear, look, with all due respect, you need to do something about what just happened tonight as my team of Destruction may have gotten the win, but they want revenge on their assailants and they want it next week."

Mr Bear says.

"Well Frank, I have some news you may like to hear because next week on WAR we will see the Tag Team Champions defend their titles in a triple threat tag team match against your team of Destruction as well as the team of Priceless Paine, so if that is well and all, I have some other business to take care of."

Frank smiling at that match and nods ok, shakes the Owner's hand and back to ringside we go where Nick Miller says.

"Wow, what a match scheduled for next week. I guess Mr Bear knows how to handle his business, so let's move on to our next match and find out who the contender for the Revolution Championship will be."

Mid Card Bout
Revolution Title Contender Match
Hiroku Shinobi v. PBR

Winner via Pinfall:
PBR @ 24 Minutes 19 Seconds

Hiroku attacks PBR after the match just laying into his own teammate prompting Josh Diabolical to run out and try to talk down Hiroku. Josh pulling him off PBR and gets shoved for it, so the Diabolical one shoves Hiroku back and then Cliff O Clink runs out to get between those two. Josh looking to calm down and Hiroku just rolls from the ring walking to the back having enough. Cliff and Josh confused as PBR gets up to pat his brothers on the back, then Dark Age by Vader plays over the pa bringing the lights down to total darkness. As the song gets going we see a pale light come from the stage where two figures emerge covered in hooded robes, one taller than the other. The taller one following behind the other hooded man who carries a lit torch leading the way to the ring. He stops near the steps to let the taller man walk up and into the ring before he enters to stand next to him. PBR, Cliff, and Josh all stand before the two hooded men as the lights come back on to and the taller man handed a microphone by the other.

"It is I..."

The taller man pulling his hood down to reveal an old face of Troy Storms, The Resurrector.

"The Resurrector is back and I heard the words earlier of a old friend, but I have something else to do before I get to those words, so Cliff O Clink, Josh Diabolical, and PBR, the Renegades of Peace are dead, but I will make sure the Resurrection of Pain lives forever. This is no masquerade like some may claim for this is what needs to become of the last renegades in SEF. The three of you know pain, you know what it's like to be passed over, to be cast aside, to be written off as dead. Join us in making sure nobody will ever forget the Resurrection of Pain."

The Ressurector holding his empty hand out in a fist which the other man in the hood touches with his fist, then one by one, Cliff, Josh,and PBR do the same. The Ressurector saying.

"My time here is limited, but this man to my left will lead you in my absence. Keep the Resurrection of Pain alive and I will be back to deal with those words of a old friend."

The lights go out and Dark Age by Vader plays, then they pop back on and The Resurrector is gone. Jake Voss stands in the robe with his hood down and fist touching other members of the Resurrection of Pain. Dark age By Vader continues to play as the crowd buzzing big time over this while Nick Miller says.

"Whoa, The Resurrector just took over the renegades of peace, but declared that name dead to call them the Resurrection of Pain, plus Jake Voss joins as a sub leader in the group. And The Resurrector mentioned the comments from Nick Torres, however, he will deal with them when he comes back, whenever that may be!?! Wonder how Nick Torres feels about all this and if he thinks its still a masquerade!? Regardless it is main event time and time for this huge six man tag team match with the Network World Title on the line."

Main Event
6 Man Tag Team Match
The Network World Championship
Jordan Brooks + Ruemash + The Showsteala v. Bill Roberts + Rick Reynolds + Thor

The Triad...And NEW Network World Champion...Thor @ 38 Minutes 19 Seconds

The Triad escaping with the title as Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple plays over the pa leaving Nick Miller to say.

"Oh my god what a main event that was and Thor emerged as the new Network Champion. The Showsteala taking it very well up in the ring as he shakes hands with Ruemash and Jordan as we know that guy will be here next week regardless of whether he is champ or not. Huge win for Thor who hasn't been World champ in quite some time. been a hell of a night for our second week in a row on WAR, but its come to an end and we will see you all next week, so have a goodnight."


Dark Main Event
Fatal 4 Way Match
The Network World Championship
The Showsteala v. Ruemash v. Bill Roberts v. Thor(c)

Bill Roberts via Pinfall over Thor @ 31 Minutes 47 Seconds