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Title: Really Jade?
Post by: SEF_ChrisOrton on January 12, 2018, 09:07:55 PM
Inside Chris Orton locker room, he is sitting down putting wrestling boots on, and he started speaking about upcoming match on Anarchy.

Cocky huh? Really Jade? I'm not cocky at all, because I been working my ass off more than 12 years making a name for myself. This was very first company I sign with look what happen I become a superstar then left came back then left came back this time I'm staying to finish what I started I want every wrestler in that locker room to know I am the best far better than rest! It's not catchy phrase it's damn truth I have face the best and beat the best inside a wrestling ring.

Chris Orton stood up taping his wrists, and he puts on SEF t-shirt speaks again.

You think you know me Jade? Guess what a lot of wrestlers like you did guess what they all were in for big surprise I show them something they didn't expect. On Anarchy, You are going to get something which you weren't prepare for, and I see my openly you are going down tonight!

Chris Orton finish speaking leaves his locker room.