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Title: Anarchy of WAR
Post by: The SEF Network on January 12, 2018, 09:28:04 PM

Wednesday, January 10th, 11:57 pm

The Showsteala sits in a dressing room with a still sweaty brow from wrestling over an hour between back to back main events, his blonde locks a bit messy and a white towel hangs around his neck. He still wears his tights and sits staring to the floor between his bare feet when Bill McLane walks in wearing a nice suit, no tie, but looking as smooth as Sly can.

"Mack, you got a minute?"

The Showsteala keeping his head down and showing no response, so Sly says.

"Well maybe another time?"

The Showsteala says.

"What up?!"

Sly looks at The Showsteala who looks up to motion to a chair, so the man in a suit takes a seat to ask.

"Anarchy is in two nights and you go one on one with Simon Lee Nash in the main event. Point blank, what is on your mind when thinking of that match!?"

The Showsteala says with no grin, not much of any expression, not even arrogance, just a look of all business.

"Simon Lee needs to get over the son of Nash if he expects to last a minute in the ring with The Showsteala. He needs to get over whatever little funk he seems to be in for whatever reason cause if he thinks he ever got more heat than me, he got no chance against me, ever. Dat boy needs to make a choice cause not everybody is cut out to see in ring action. Like you Sly, you managed to make a name for yourself, albeit as a dirty, lowdown, well, maybe we should stick to the rating we be trying to keep. But anyways, when I think of this match, I think its gonna be a piece of cake compared to what I just went through and that was a good time to me, so Simon better say something that makes us all believe in him again. I once believed he could ride with The Showtime and despite is insistence to put over indy level talent who didn't deserve it, he did show he could ride with us. However, that was a few years ago and now he just let it slip away, so maybe he outta fade away before he loses everything he worked for. I'd hate to see that for him, I truly would because I did believe in him once and I want to again, but I just can't bring myself to push him anymore, any harder because he needs to start pushing back. I am sick of carrying people and am close to going to WAR exclusively, but damn it, I don't want to give up, so I won't. That is why I am here when everyone else has left, because I will be at Anarchy before everyone arrives and be sitting on this bench after everyone leaves. Sixteen years I been doing that every night in SEF. In recent years I just never announced myself because my presence said enough that you always knew The Showsteala was here and always ready to go on when the indy darlings choked because they could never pull the trigger."

The Showsteala with them baby blues shining bright and finally a sarcastic grin forms showing us just how on he is and ready to go another hour right now if he had to.

"Simon lee...nash, heh, yea, whatever kid. You want The Showsteala, then you got him, but hey, after I whoop your ass in record time, I will buy the drinks and we can chat, maybe mack on some ladies, don't tell Liz, heh. Naw man, but its not gonna be a barn burner or some drawn out classic, its gonna be Anarchy of WAR boy and The Showsteala gonna show the whole crew on Anarchy how it be done cause ain't no one near my level. I'm in a whole nutha league brutha, so KISS THIS!!"

The Showsteala jumping up to do a crotch chop in Sly's face causing the man in a suit to stand up and back away, then the champ, or former champ, whatever he be, slips off his tights to head for the shower. Sly makes his exit on that note, or rather shot of The Showsteala's ass and fade to black.