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Title: Send Message To Chris Orton
Post by: JadeWest on January 12, 2018, 11:03:02 PM
jade west is shown in the backstage area with her 2 hodded mysterious friends,she looks at the camera and begin to talk.

jade wow u sure seem confidiante for somebody that is going down as quickly as hell tonight orton you absoultley dont know what is in store for you do you,you never met anyone quite like me have you chris!have you i dont think you have,

jade i know cause you never went up against anyone like me before iam your worst nightmare i dont care how long you have been in this buisness iam here to stay the devil has sent me a promise and that promise is i will destroy anniliate anyone who comes in my way of reaching what i want

jade west and i plan to do just that i also sent him a promise,i will not leave anyone in my way alive and trust me the devil saint himself dont like to be disappointed i dont like to be disappointed!!

jade west takes a deep breath looks in the camera and begin to talk.

jade west and to keep his evil sinister self happy im going make dammm sure i send u straight to hell and leave another broken body in my wake you see orton i been through just about ever hell you can imagine i been through it all i seen it all i seen death dispare homes on fire,i seen the worst of the worst i walked through the fire flames of hell and it only matter of hell before you are begging for me to stop this match and leave u just another victom good luck your going need it.

she wait as cameras flare off