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Title: Resting after losing to the best
Post by: Simon Lee Nash on January 18, 2018, 05:54:57 PM
Simon Lee Nash walk back to the locker room. He gave a gamed effort however he falls to the great The Showsteala.

Simon has a towel over his head.

Carlos Mitchell walks into the locker room

Carlos: I have to say it man. It was a hell of an effort. You started out slow in the first ten minutes but the five minutes there you gave the Showsteala a fight. You really showed alot of people out there you are more then the son of Nash.

Simon: Yeah but it wasn't enough

Carlos: Showsteala is the best man. He is the baddest dude on the planet. But here is something that you might want to hear.

Simon listens up

Carlos: You have earned his respect. He said that he admire your work. He thought he was not going to break a sweat at the beginning but you made him work a little bit and that is alot speaking about some of the talent now a days.

Simon nods his head.

Carlos: What he did say is for you to not lose that hunger. Your time will come. and you know what? I agree with Showsteala.

Simon: Thanks

Carlos: you have it man. you could very far in the company. Tonight was a measuring stick moment. You faced off with the very best in the world today. Grow from this moment. Learn and maybe one day you can take down the likes of a showsteala. YOu never know.

Simon: i would like to get back into the ring next time out.

Carlos: I will consider it.

Carlos leaves the locker room area.

Simon lays back just then he sees a familar look

A female throwing up the wolfpac sign.

Simon chuckles

Simon: Man it's been about a year or two since i seen a wolfpac sign.

Simon: I remember very well about that sign. If we either threw that up. We would have each other backs. It's been a long time my dear friend.
Title: Re: Resting after losing to the best
Post by: The SEF Network on February 19, 2018, 06:30:23 PM
(Tina lowering her hand with the wolfpac sign still formed and looks emotionless as she says.)

"It shall be some time before you see me throw that sign up again, but I wanted to let a old friend know that I will be back!"

(And with that the Golden Goddess disappears into the darkness to find her light once again.)