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Title: Jade Explains Her Lost Going Keep Going.
Post by: JadeWest on January 19, 2018, 01:13:22 AM
jade west has finally tasted defeat but she not going let her get her down she holds her urn after a rest backstage and thinking things through she walk around backstage holding her urn drinking some devil juice, she drinks plays with her sissors  ahe looks around got her hooded friends beside her and she then begin to talk.

jade what happend last night was a fluke yeah i finally lost big deal it not going to stop me not going break me im stil one of the best in this buisness today,im going prove it each and every night in any match im in,!1

she rest and takea deep breath and begin to talk again.

jade west mabye on war mabye on Anarchy who knows im not going let one loss get me down im goong keeep going and going i dont care what happens next!im not going down il risk anything to prove how right iam i will!1

she rest for while and talks again.

jade west this company got lot of brutle matches that i love some i been in some i have not who knows what carlos going book next or mr bear or smokey i dont care bring it on let whoever i face do what they want to me bring it out il stil be proven im one of the best this company got to offor no matter what.

jade west runs her hand through her hair plays with her sisors and begin to talk again.

jade west i dont hear anyone else bitching and neither am i im going keep going tina and mack got faith in me which is why im in their group im fearless iam fearless heartless unbeatable unstopable we my friends standing beside me are the same we are a family a family that can not be stopped bring it all we wil keep going,

she rest while somebody comes over looks at jade and begin to talk.