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Title: Jade Makes Open Challange.
Post by: JadeWest on February 11, 2018, 04:27:30 PM
jade west is backstage bored she want spice up her matches,she need modavtion and hoping to get some in ring action soon as possibell,she not sure what to do she drinks her cold beer got her devil hooded friends by her side she then begin to talk.

jade west all right enough rest im ready for some action i want any type match on the card as soon as possibell im not afraid of anything.

jade west im making a open challange right now il take on anyone i could care less i need modavtion.and i need to rip somebody apart so anyone accept my challange u know where to find me.

she looks around and begin to talk again.

Jade west i mean come on im not that hard to find,il make the match intresting u want me make it intresting im all for it,your call,want me put something on the line fine i dont care i want tear somebody apart.

she realxes for while wait for somebody to reply
Title: Re: Jade Makes Open Challange.
Post by: The SEF Network on February 19, 2018, 06:40:48 PM
(Tina comes into view now and looks as emotionless as last time we saw her. The Golden Goddess appearing to be not herself even more so than usual. Tina getting close to Jade and says.)

"I wish I could give you what you want, what you need, a opponent to tear you apart, but I cannot give anymore to SEF, not now. I have given my best for too many years and now I am leaving. I am done with SEF, I quit."

(Tina's gaze a bit blank as she stares past Jade, then holds up the wolfpac signs to her sister before turning and disappearing into the darkness for the last time.)

Title: Re: Jade Makes Open Challange.
Post by: JadeWest on February 19, 2018, 06:56:57 PM
jade west looks surprised she looks around and then begin to talk.

jade west wait what do u mean you got nothing to give you quit wait get back here tina im not done talking to you i need you but what is going on here u going turn your back after 2 years and quit like a quitter fine with me do what you got to do tina but im not quitting

jade i want somebody who i can have somebody tear me apart i want tar them apart.limb from limb i want send theme home crying to their familys hell i dont care im here to make a name for myself, i want make i guess formor sef queen tina proud,

jade west il rip u apart whoever accepts my challange il do the same to you,i want a challange,hell lets ripe each other apart hell use my sissors n chop all my hair off,i want make u beg for your life,

jade west im just getting started.i got plans here bitch i want make u pukte blood come on rip me apart cause il rip you apart.

she wait